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Dog food, toys and care from Windmill Pet Supplies

Windmill Pet Supplies recommends the best and trusted Dog food brands because they are high in meat content, contain no ‘nasties’ and are mostly grain free. Use the ‘NC10’ code for your first order discount on our recommended brands.

We also provide dog dental treats, dog beds & bowlsdog beds & bowls
 dog cans, trays & pouches, dry dog foodwet dog food, raw dog food and brands such as Acana, Canagan, Cotswold Raw, Leo & Wolf, Luna Loves, SymplyOrijen, Naked Dog, Nutriment, Paleo Ridge and many more.


We haven’t got all our dog products listed just yet but you can see some brands on our shop and they are in stock, just call us on 01676 532742 to order.


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