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Privacy Policy

Windmill Pet Supplies Privacy

Windmill Pet Supplies will contact you via email with details of changes to delivery days, new products, etc. If you do not want to receive emails from us the please let us know.

Windmill Pet Supplies operate a Privacy Policy with regard to your Personal Data. If you have signed up as a ‘Customer’ then your personal data will be held on our website for the life of your account. You can delete your personal data at any time by managing your account. If you delete your personal data we will no longer be able to delivery our products to you. You can change to be a ‘Guest Customer’ which will enable you to buy from us, your personal data will be held for ’30 DAYS’ before that order will be deleted, so you will not have a buying history.

If you would like us to delete your account and Personal Data then please use this email address to let us know you would like to be removed from our database. E-mail:

Windmill Pet Supplies will never sell or pass on your personal data onto a third party. We will use registered Customer data to market to you in the future.


Data Protection Policy (GDPR)

Windmill Pet Supplies will use the acceptance of the Terms & Conditions as the GDPR Opt-In Consent to sending us your personal data to allow us to process your order. We have the option to consent to be added to our mailing list.

Information we will collect to process your order

IP Address, Name, Address, Telephone, Email, Date of Transaction, Order Details, Shipping name and address if different. Payment information is only held by our Third Party Payment Gateway and is total separate from this website and we have no access too that information. Our contact form will collect Name, Address, Email, Subject, Message.

Who has access to your personal data

Windmill Pet Supplies, Mailchimp, Website.

Data Protection Officer

Richard Chadwick –

You can lodge a data subject access request

You can request a copy of your shopping history and have your account deleted through contacting:

How long will we hold your personal data

We will hold your account details for as long as you are a customer. We will contact you every 12 months to see if you would like to stay a customer. We will never share your Personal Data with any third party (other than for delivery purposes).


You can Double Opt-In to our Mailchimp Mailing List, which has an unsubscribe option. All purchase invoices and delivery notes will be held in our accounts for at least the 6 years of records we need to keep by law. Contact form submissions will be deleted within 3 months. GDPR Consent will be held for as long as required by law.

Updated July 2022

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