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Pet Food Shopping the Easy Way

Pet Food Shopping the Easy Way – Anyone that hasn’t been living under a rock for the last 15 years, will know the internet has revolutionised shopping, allowing all manner of goods to be delivered to your door. But for many consumers the convenience has come at a cost.

The online experience comes with a seemingly compulsory requirement to register an ever expanding number of usernames and passwords, in order to enjoy the benefits. Whilst many are willing to deal with the rigmarole, many more consider the perceived cost and associated risk too much to bear.

At Windmill Pet Supplies we aim to offer the convenience of deliveries to your home or place of work, using our own drivers and vehicles, without the need to become a registered user. No user name, no passwords. Pure bliss!

Windmill Pet Supplies Free Local Delivery Warwickshire

Pet Food Shopping the Easy Way

At Windmill Pet Supplies we have returned to some good old fashioned principles, which we like to call ‘pet food shopping the easy way’, based upon a personal touch and great customer service.

Our aim is to make your life easy with top brand pet food and accessories, straight to your door, or back garden shed if you prefer, with a personal touch and friendly smile. We offer free deliveries and as much free advice or help as you need on any of our products and services. All without having to register, log-in, or risk having your details passed on to anyone else.

Many of our customers enjoy ‘scheduled’ deliveries at frequencies to suit, removing the need to ‘panic buy’ at the sudden realisation the dogs have eaten all the food. We can deliver weekly or quarterly, or any frequency in between and if your supplies begin to swell, you can drop us a line to miss a delivery, or reschedule, whatever works best for you.

Our flexibility and willingness to meet exacting requirements and sometimes very specific delivery instructions, mean most of our customers remain with us for many years. For example, there probably aren’t too many couriers around that will carry your bird seed to your garden shed and empty it into the black bin on the left, even when you’re not at home. This is the kind of thing we’re happy to do if that’s what you need.

About Windmill Pet Supplies

Windmill was formed around 15 years ago and is a family run business now based in Balsall Common, near Coventry, offering a range of reputable premium brand pet and animal foods and accessories. If you need advice, we aim to match your pets with the most suitable feeds for their requirements. We’ll take breed, weight, age and budget into consideration and for your pets with their favourites already, we aim to provide a great service at competitive prices.

Where do we deliver?

As a small family-run business with an emphasis on service and quality, we focus our attention on customers throughout Coventry and Warwickshire, with a wonderful customer base stretching beyond Warwickshire and into parts of the Cotswolds. We don’t charge for delivery and deliver every week to all areas within Coventry and Warwickshire, although we have been known to take the odd holiday.

If you’d like to know more, get a price or give us a try, do please give us a call on 01676 532742 or 07879 880680, we’d love to hear from you.

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