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Eden Wet Food for Working and Sporting Dogs: Turkey and Herring 6x400g


Suitable for sporting & working dogs


The leanest recipe in the Working & Sporting wet food range. Containing highly digestible proteins. Turkey, which is rich in nutrients like protein, riboflavin and phosphorus, aids in muscle maintenance and helps metabolise the food into energy, with herring providing a quality source of omega-3 and D thus aiding in joint health and healthy skin & coat.


Perfect for dogs with sensitivities and allergies, aiding in providing energy to active dogs with its anti-inflammatory properties to supporting joint health.

Turkey & Herring Cuisine Sporting and Working dog wet food provides a balanced complete food for your working and sporting dog, which is high in quality protein and is naturally hypoallergenic, grain, gluten and white potato-free.

Consisting of 70% high-quality meats, including freshly prepared turkey and herring with peas, sweet potato, carrots, blueberries, goji berries, vitamins and minerals.


Sporting & Working wet food includes natural herbs, botanicals & superfoods. These superfoods include turmeric, a natural anti-inflammatory with pain relief properties which is perfect for maintaining healthy joints, and immune-boosting superfoods – blueberries and goji berries contributing to overall health and helping to maintain energy levels.

6x400g cans

Eden Turkey & Herring for Sporting & Working Dogs

£17.40 Regular Price
£16.00Sale Price
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