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Suet/ Fat Balls

The key ingredient in fat balls is suet. Suet is pure refined animal or vegetable fat and is one of the most concentrated and easily metabolised energy foods for wild birds. It gives them instant vigour, and they love it. It’s a superb all-year-round food, and can even cope with hard frost.

Our Hi Energy Fat Balls are made to our own tried and tested recipe and to the same exacting standards as our mixtures. The only other ingredients are cereals and seeds. We never use bulking materials such as sand and waste products. We love our birds and want them to be healthy.

Our Hi Energy Fat Balls are available in a variety of sizes and can be bought singly or in nets or individually wrapped without nets. This type of packaging is to keep this excellent food in good condition. Fat balls should be fed in addition to other foods – they provide much needed energy for the birds and are an acceptable substitute for insect protein, which is lacking from a wild bird’s diet in winter. Fledglings in particular need insect protein for healthy growth and development, so it is important to continue feeding fat balls all year round.

Johnston & Jeff High Energy Fatballs

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