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Leo & Wolf Meatballs Beef & Vegetables


Leo & Wolf Meatballs is an innovative new brand with recipes developed by Nutriment. Designed to be exciting to eat and highly nutritional, the portfolio includes a 5-product range of frozen meatballs containing premium, raw ingredients.


Here at Nutriment, our fundamental principle is to deliver high-quality raw feeding solutions to dogs nationwide. We’re dedicated to the principles of Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) and integrate this into our specially formulated raw recipes to promote ideal health and happiness for your pets. The Leo & Wolf range of raw food makes raw feeding even more practical to enable more dog owners to conveniently raw feed their dogs. As is the case with all Nutriment raw food products, only the highest quality meat, fish and vegetables are used in Leo & Wolf recipes. Carefully selected by our dedicated team of in-house canine nutritionists, all ingredients are biologically appropriate, easily digestible and free from additives, preservatives, grains and fillers.


The portfolio contains 5 varieties of both complete and complementary products: beef and vegetable meatballs; beef meatballs; chicken, beef, salmon and vegetable meatballs; tripe meatballs; and tripe, salmon and vegetable meatballs. Individually frozen, Leo & Wolf meatballs can be defrosted per required portion size (each meatball is 10g). They then retain their original structure without losing moisture, which provides an exciting new eating experience for dogs.


As is with humans, a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet is one of the most important factors contributing to the wellbeing and vitality of our pets. The Leo & Wolf meatball range is suitable for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes (some products are also suitable for cats), and provide the essential nutrition that pets need to live full, active and happy lives.


Why choose Leo & Wolf?


Unique texture and eating experience

Incorporating variety into your pet’s diet is important to support both their physical and mental health. This can involve feeding different ingredients, flavours, textures and experiences. Leo & Wolf meatballs are stored frozen for convenience, however once defrosted, they retain their original form and shape, without losing moisture, flavour, texture or nutrition, which enables an alternative eating experience for pets.


Easy to store and handle

We recognise that storing and handling typical raw food may not seem appealing or practical for some pet owners. Leo & Wolf meatballs are individually frozen from fresh so that they can be stored in the freezer (for up to 12 months) and simply taken out each day, as per the required portion, to defrost and feed. All of the ingredients used are fresh and raw, and each of the Leo & Wolf recipes ensure that the meatballs are frozen straight away to retain all the essential nutrition that the raw ingredients are packed with.


Carefully selected, high-quality raw ingredients

Nutriment is wholeheartedly committed to using premium, high-quality ingredients in all of their recipes. By carefully selecting only nutritious, biologically appropriate and natural ingredients, we ensure that every raw food product we produce is full of essential nutrition which will maintain your pet’s energy throughout the day, as well as being great-tasting and enjoyable. Nutriment only uses natural, raw meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and offal to ensure that all of our products are packed with high-quality protein, vitamins and essential fats so that your pet receives the best nutrition from every meal.


Health benefits

Optimal nutrition is essential for health. Unfortunately, in some low-quality, processed dog foods, it is common to find artificial additives, chemicals, flavours, colours and bulking agents which can be potentially harmful to your pets. At Nutriment, we have an uncompromising approach to animal nutrition. We extensively understand canine nutritional requirements and ensure that our recipes are formulated accordingly.

Leo & Wolf Meatballs Beef & Veg Dog/Cat Food

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