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Symply Ocean Fish Grain Free Wet Dog Food 395g x 7 Trays 


All the ingredients for a happy dog!


Dogs love nothing more than running, playing, catching and splashing. A warm hug, a rub on their tummy and a delicious meal in their bowl is all they really want. Symply created a food that is nutritionally balanced, wholesome, natural, pure and simple. It’s rich in freshly prepared fish, so it’s easy to digest, giving them all the energy they need to show how much they love you. The best meal for your best friend.




This Symply Ocean Fish with Brown Rice tray is a delicious complete and balanced recipe featuring succulent cuts of fish and a range of vegetables. These wonderful ingredients are gently cooked to make a gorgeous meal for your companion.



Ocean Fish (81%), Brown Rice (5%), Peas (3%), Carrots (1%), Minerals, Salmon Oil (0.5%), Seaweed, Prebiotic - Fructooligosaccharide, Yucca Extract.


Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein9.5%
Crude Fibre1%
Crude Fat5.5%
Crude Ash3%


Nutritional Additives (per kg)

Vitamin A2,500IU
Vitamin D3200IU
Vitamin E30mg
Trace Elements:
Zinc (Zinc Chelate of Glycine)50mg
Iron (Iron Chelate of Amino Acids Hydrate)10mg
Copper (Copper Chelate of Glycine)5mg
Iodine (Calcium Iodate Anhydrous)0.5mg

Common Sense Feeding

Symply Ocean Fish is a complete pet food for dogs but can also be used as an accompaniment to any good quality dry food. (When mixing please adjust feeding quantities accordingly).

When feeding Symply for the first time we suggest you introduce it gradually over 1 week. On day one mix 25% Symply with 75% of the previous food, on day three make it 50% of each, day five is 75% Symply, working up to 100% Symply on day seven.

Dog Weight (kg)1-1010-2525-4040-70
Trays per day½ to 1¼1¼ to 1¾1¾ to 2¼2¼ to 3¼

*If your pet gains or loses weight adjust amount accordingly. A complete and balanced food for Adult Dogs. Always ensure that fresh, clean drinking water is available. Store in a cool dry place. Vitamin content guaranteed up to best before date.

Symply Ocean Fish Wet Dog Food Trays 395g x 7

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